2019 NJECC Annual Technology Conference has ended

NJECC’s 33rd Annual Technology Conference ~ January 8th, 2019
Keynote ~ Dr. Michelle Schmitz, Apple Distinguished Educator, Principal
"Pioneering Change in Education" (Sponsored by Apple Education)

Dr. Schmitz is an elementary administrator who IS reimagining and rethinking education to meet the needs of today’s learner.  Schmitz is the founding principal of EPiC Elementary where Every Person is Inspired to Create, a learning environment that is redesigning education based on three pillars: Empowering Creativity, Equipping Students, and Engaging Communities.  Her mission is to challenge your thinking and provide real-world ideas that will push your students to be creative thinkers, collaborators, and innovative problem solvers.

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Tuesday Presentations and Workshops
Join us for more than 100 presentations featuring professionals teaching in K-12 schools and universities. This year we will feature strands for Library Media Specialists, Special Education Teachers, Math Teachers and English/Language Arts Teachers. We will offer hands-on sessions and BYOD sessions. All presentations and workshops are listed below. You are free to choose from any of the sessions when you register for Tuesday, January 8th, 2019. The detailed schedule will be available mid-December. If you choose to attend our post-conference workshops, taking place on January 9th and January 10th, you must register for the sessions individually.

Hands-On Post Conference Workshops are listed below by date and time. Please choose your post conference workshops when you register.

The fee for Tuesday is $110 for NJECC members and $125 for non-members.
All individual workshops on the post conference days are $110 (member) and $125 (non-member) for each workshop.
Google Certification Preparation Workshop Level 1on post conference days is $279.00 (member) and $299.00 (non-member).

Exhibition Area:  Come visit our exhibition area to view displays and demonstrations from vendors featuring the latest in educational technology products and services.

Conference Location and Parking

Tuesday, January 8

9:00am EST

10:45am EST

15 Classroom Creativity Activities with Adobe Spark Room 2006Monica Burns A Conversation with Dr. Michelle Schmitz Room 1070Michelle Schmitz A Side-by-Side View of K-5 STEAM Integration Room 2021Linda Bovino • Courtney Carrelha • Susan DeVito Adobe Spark Room 1060Erin Marmara AR & VR: Learning Through a Global Lens Room 2046Christine Lion-Bailey Assistive Technology on the Chromebook Room 1030Arielle Goldstein • Dani Haggerty Computer Lab to MakerSpace/Design Lab Room 2042Jennifer Bariso • Carrie Odgers-Lax Falling In Love With Ed Tech For Littles, K-2 Room 2013Laura Amendola • Stephanie Coia • Amie Navarro • Stephanie Ross Rome was not Built in a Day! Room 3008Joe Fitzgibbon Seesaw: Student-driven Digital Portfolios for the Classroom and Library Room 3007Nydia Peake • Meredith Weil STRUCTURE and FORMAT: Using Google Sites to Design Class Instruction (gamification,) Student Portfolios, and Lesson Plans Room 3052Kimberly Batti Unlocking the Everyday Formative Assessment Room 3009Jesse Johnson • Michele Logue Artificial Intelligence (AI): Past, Present, Future: Classroom Room 1050Dee Ross Kalman Creating a Center-Based Approach to Makerspace Through Challenges Room 2008Jessica Donovan Future Ready Librarians New Jersey Room 1040Elissa Malespina • Jeremy Reich Global Libraries and Literacy Heroes Room 2010Krista Welz Revitalize the Middle School Media Center Room 2012Mary Joy Falcone • Aimee Toth Blender In the Classroom Room 2026Joseph Ostroman Student Voice in the Math Classroom Room 2004Kristen Emmel Cross Curricular Digital Storytelling Room 2007TJ Borriello • David Di Ianni • Liana Kelly Thematic Units and Project-Based Learning in the Regular and Special Education Classroom Room 2009Debra Ilana Bachrach Utilizing Google Forms & My Maps to Collect Data During Community Based Instruction Room 2011Lindsey Releford Coding is Lit! - HANDS ON WORKSHOP Room 3004Keri Hennessy-Wilson Develop Interdisciplinary Skills with RSTs (Research Simulation Tasks) - HANDS ON WORKSHOP ADP Center - Room 1145Rebeca Gordy Getting Digi With It in 2019 - HANDS ON WORKSHOP Room 3010Theresa Palumbo 3-D Printing and Design with TinkerCAD Workshop - HANDS ON WORKSHOP ADP Center - Room 1120Samantha Morra Google Classroom in the Library - HANDS ON WORKSHOP ADP Center - Room 1121Gabrielle M. Casieri • April Oliver Personalize Your Math Classroom with Khan Academy Room 3002Jeff Lisciandrello Utilizing Desmos to Strengthen your Math Instruction - HANDS ON WORKSHOP ADP Center - Room 1143Nicole Ealey Minecraft - HANDS ON WORKSHOP Room 3012Josh Kaplan Using #EdTech to Transform Your Class into an Escape Room - HANDS ON WORKSHOP Room 3011 - BYODEric Guise • Nick Johnson Using Google Tools to Promote an Inclusive, UDL Learning Environment - HANDS ON WORKSHOP Room 3006Mike Marotta

11:55am EST

Understanding Core Vocabulary, Aided Language Instruction, and LAMP Room 2009Catherine Fredericks The Future Ready Schools - NJ Certification Program: How to #GetInvolved and #GetCertified! Room 1030Evan Abramson • Stephany Hesslein • Wendy Morales • Jeremy Reich @WOKellyKids: Student Social Media Ambassadors Room 2013Diana DaCosta • Amy Pacifico • Stephanie Ross Adobe Spark Ignites Creativity Room 1060Ruth Davis • Teresa Rehman AI and Student Achievement Room 2021Sandra Paul Classflow - Welcome to the Immersive Classroom Room 2044Hetal Amin • Amanda Bowler Digital Playlists for Personalized Learning Room 2042Nicholas Amaral District Technology Leader as Boundary-Spanner Room 1050Barry Haines Keeping Your Screen-Agers Engaged in Class Room 2011Joe Hutcheson Kicking Your Class up to 11 with Educational Podcasting Room 2010Jeff Bradbury Learning Redesigned with iBlocks Room 2006Chrissy Rebert-Long Level Up Communication & Learning with Seesaw Room 2040Laura Lucchetto Robots -- Innovation & Creativity Within "Future-Driven" Classrooms Room 3048Carol Munn Tech Tools to Become Better Instructional Coaches Room 3007Amy Arsiwala • Ted Samaras Using Games During PD to Engage Teachers Room 3009Joanna Antoniou Where in the World...Google Geo Tools Room 2046Christine Lion-Bailey Carousel of Creativity Room 2008Nancy Mullin • Bev Tindall RGB - A Technical Help Desk Room 2012Melissa Ferro EVERFI: The Real Life Approach to Education Room 2026Amanda Popolo Vartabedian Teaching with Desmos Room 2004Kathleen Carter Hack Your Chromebook: Accessibility Features Room 1070Lisa Thumann Increasing Independence and Academic Success Room 2007Ellen Farr Google Quizzes For Formative Assessments Room 3052Myra Hardy • Connie Tripi

12:25pm EST

1:10pm EST

Adobe Spark Video Book Trailers for Students Room 3048Monica Burns Avenue For Change - Social Action Through Literacy and Technology Room 2006Diana Ferrera • Rebecca Giacopelli Coding Across the Curriculum Room 2044Jennifer Kressler Duda • Christopher Harris Comic Strips are worth 1000+ Words Room 2011Ruth Davis • Teresa Rehman Empower Every Student with an Inclusive Classroom Room 1060Makayla Mota Flipgrid Fever Room 2013Karah Iansito • Ellen Luca Geographic Information Systems for Students Room 3050Stephanie Stern-Protz Google Suite in the Visual and Performing Arts Classroom Room 3052James Garde Graphics and Media in the Creative Classroom Room 1050Apple Education How to Apply the Genius Hour Concept Room 3007Rebeca Gordy Keep Creativity in Schools Room 1030Maureen (Mo) Danovsky • Arielle Goldstein Reinventing Professional Learning Room 2042Nicholas Amaral What Language do You Speak? Coding for All Room 2021Sandra Paul Women in Technology Room 3009Sarah Rolle Beyond Game Play: Using Virtual Reality to Support the Curriculum Room 2040Cynthia Cassidy Design Projects with Code Room 2008Robert Kalman Library Can Feel Like Summer Camp Room 2010Jennifer Latimer The Digital Citizenship Game Plan Room 2012Gabriel Lowy • Shari Stein Just the Right Stuff -- Math Tools for the Elementary Classroom Room 2026Niklas Lasso Using the Desmos Calculator to Analyze Student Photographs and Pictures Room 2004Stephanie Cooperman Floreo - An Innovative Mobile VR Platform for Teaching Students with ASD Room 2007Stephanie D'Amore • Vijay Ravindran • Rita Solarzano Reaching All Learners - Apple Tools for Special Needs Room 1040Dave Marra Unplugged: Rest and Relaxation in the Classroom Room 2009Fernando Palma

2:00pm EST

2:20pm EST

Wednesday, January 9

9:00am EST

12:30pm EST

Thursday, January 10

9:00am EST

12:30pm EST

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